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About Us

As PolyTest we offer services to companies and individuals to evaluate the veracity through the most advanced means of Forensic Evaluation. We also use the latest advances in Professional Polygraphy, highlighting extensive experience in the following areas:

– Forensic Psychophysiology Courses

– Infidelities, sexual abuse and domestic disputes

– Verification of credibility of testimonials

– Television shows based on the evaluation of testimonials

– Periodic evaluations of addictive behaviours (drugs, gambling, etc.)

– Robbery, theft and fraud on a private level

– Candidate exams for trusted jobs

– Claims and insurance claims

– Internal company affairs

– Advice on the configuration of government polygraphy departments

In 1993 we became the promoters of the evaluation of the credibility of testimonials through the application of the polygraph in Europe.

Through the European Polygraph Academy, we have promoted a new blended teaching model of Polygraphy and Forensic Psychophysiology, based on the latest online training technologies and supported by a network of collaborators distributed all over the world, who have extensive experience professional in the sector.

Since 2014 we have trained more professionals than any other APA polygraphy academy or subsidiaries have done. Our success lies in quality teaching at unbeatable prices.

As of 2018, all courses and masters offered by the European Polygraph Academy are offered in both English and Spanish. In more than 25 years of experience we have accumulated more than ten thousand satisfied customers.

Our services are frequently required by individuals who need to clarify the truth about a specific fact. Companies affected by situations that request clarification without affecting the corporate image, privately and discreetly, also require our presence.

Ethical code

By means of the polygraph test, any situation can be resolved as long as it does not conflict with the law or regulation in force in the country of operation.

At Poligrafo.com we owe ourselves to the truth and that is the basis of our work, both in private practice and in TV performance. Our polygraph does not participate in fraudulent assemblages and / or uses. In addition, in accordance to our professional ethics, we do not accept commissions related to matters outside the law.

#1 on Television

Through the small screen we have participated in the dissemination of polygraphy worldwide. From the famous Truth Machine to current formats broadcast on public and private televisions in Europe, Asia and America, participating in more than a thousand episodes on TV, making our polygraph the most televised in the world.

The best price, guaranteed

We offer our clients the most advanced technical means on the market. As European distributors of Stroelting polygraphs we always use the latest generation equipment. We have offers on holidays and weekends, obviously always by a previous appointment. If you find a better rate for a service like ours, we will match it immediately! Over 10,000 polygraph tests à Book a polygraph appointment More than 2000 tv programs à Tv services

More than 200 certified students à Polygraphy courses and masters

We have more than 25 years of Experience in not less than 10k Lie Detector Tests. Tell us a little bit about your problem.

We Are


Seekers of truth


Real life vision


Professionals in the field


Problem Solvers



We Are Not


Television clowns


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Purchased-certificate Examiners

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