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The circumstances of the case to be evaluated are exposed. These must be related to the past, with an alleged event that occurred prior to the day of the test.

Also, a medical assessment will be performed.


Polygraph Application

Polygraph evaluation, connection and data acquisition through graphics and specific software. The person to be evaluated must answer “Yes” or “No” to each of the questions that will be presented during the test.



Creation and acceptance of a specific questionnaire that collects the questions to be asked during the polygraph test.


Conclusions and Results

At the end of the evaluation, a short opinion of the certified examiner is expressed and then a specific and formal report of the results obtained is elaborated.


Polytest is Committed to scientific truth. We are at the European forefront in Testimony Credibility Assessment services, through the application of different diagnostic tools, such as the polygraph. We offer a professional service of the highest quality.




Couple Issues

Marriage breakdowns

Private and business theft

Employee Fraud

Dispute resolution

Family and business disputes


“I was able to rebuild my life thanks to the polygraph test. Many thanks to the examiner, who made me feel comfortable and understood throughout the process.”

Jonas (Barcelona)


“Distrust had created many problems between me and my partner. Thanks to Polytest we have saved our business.”

Elias (Valencia)


“My brother accuse me of stealing some cash from his bedroom. Thanks to the polygraph and the team I could show to my brother that I´m innocent.”

John (Madrid)


“Thanks to the polygraph, I confirmed my suspicions of infidelity.”

Carol (Marbella)

Certified Examiners

Our examiners are carefully selected and their work undergoes periodically quality control review. Our clients will never be attended by an inexperienced or incompetent examiner. Our polygraph examiners are high qualified by  European Polygraph Academy and are members of European Polygraph Association and Israeli Computerized Polygraph Association. They are experienced and only use the latest in Stoelting computerized polygraph and validated test techniques

Members are also qualified as forensic psychologist, lawyer and in Biomedical Sciences.

Digital Polygraphs

We use the highest precision instrument, a Stoelting Co polygraph, the Chicago firm that invented the polygraph, the most advanced lie detector.

Provide our services at an office location and  we are available seven days a week including bank holydays.

Confidentiality and professionalism

We offer tests in the most of the locations in the Spain.

The most international polygraph company and now, we are also mainly in the Spain. For testing in the Madrid, Barcelona and other locations in the Spain.

Experts will offer you absolute confidentiality, besides all information is carefully encrypted.

Our company provide a reliable, trustworthy, discreet and transparent service and individualized.

(*) Polytest is not a registered trademark, it is only the acronym for Polygraph Testing.

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